Class Schedule, Offerings, Dates & Times and Info

Scheduled Class Information


Class times:  11:30am to 1:30pm

Pricing:  $40.00 per person.

Capacity:  4 students maximum


I will happily cater class times and content to meet your needs and modify the menu to meet your dietary requirements. 

Class Content


Class 1 - Learn how to introduce yourself and carry on a basic conversation when meeting others for the first time.


Class 2 - Learn numbers and use them in simple conversations. 


Class 3 - Learn to use pleasantries, order in cafés and buy necessities.


Schedule of Classes - 2015


Whilst having fun learning topics in each class, I will be preparing a classic French dish which, of course, you will be able to taste at the end of the lesson.


Please refer to the table at the right for avaialblity of each class,  (availability may differ slightly from table), together with the culinary offering of the day. 


The boxes to the right represent the number of spaces available (green) - or unavailable (red)  - in each class.



     DATE                 CLASS CONTENT             YUMMY FOOD                  PLACES AVAILABLE

     21 FEB                          3                    les crêpes

     17 MAR                         1                    le clafoutis aux cérises  

     21 MAR                         1                    le clafoutis aux cérises  

     19 MAY                         2                    la quiche Lorraine

     23 MAY                         2                    la quiche Lorraine  

     16 JUN                         3                    le boeuf bourguignon

     20 JUN                         3                    le boeuf bourguignon  

     21 JUL                          1                    la tarte tatin  

     25 JUL                          1                    la tarte tatin  

     18 AUG                         2                    le couscous avec légumes 

     22 AUG                         2                    le couscous avec légumes 

     12 SEP                         3                    les crêpes

     15 SEP                         3                    les crêpes

     20 OCT                         1                    le coq au vin

     24 OCT                         1                    le coq au vin

     17 NOV                         2                    la soupe à l’oignon

     21 NOV                         2                    la soupe à l’oignon

     12 DEC                         3                    la Bûche de Noël

     15 DEC                         3                    la Bûche de Noël

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